Zip Codes are Destiny

Zip codes, short for Zone Improvement Plan codes, have been around in our country since 1963. Unfortunately, these physical markers are dividing our country in disturbing ways.

National College Access Network’s Executive Director Kim Cook states, “your ZIP code can really determine what your future will look like.” According to a recent study, zip codes are actually a better predictor of your health than your genetic code.

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Happy 100th birthday to I.M. Pei, architect of the Dallas skyline

The world-renowned architect I.M. Pei turns 100 years old on Wednesday. For those of you Dallasites who may be unfamiliar with his name, I guarantee you are familiar with his work. Pei’s architectural feats adorn our wonderful city of Dallas.

IM PEI 102
I.M. Pei during the Dallas Symphony Orchestra AT&T Gala at Morton Symphony Center

It is quite remarkable to witness Pei’s fingerprints all over the Dallas skyline. He designed Dallas City Hall (1977), One Dallas Center (1979), Energy Plaza (1983), Fountain Place (1986), and the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center (1989).

I don’t believe it was a coincidence that our city chose the chief architect for the John F. Kennedy Library in Massachusetts to design Dallas City Hall.

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Why Founder and CEO Andrew Yang Launched Venture For America In Detroit

“I got every ingredient, all I need is the courage / Like I already got the beat, all I need is the words / Got the urge, suddenly it’s a surge / Suddenly a new burst of energy has occurred.”—Eminem

This month, I had the opportunity to review Generation Startup, a documentary that

WH Photo.jpg
Andrew Yang, VFA Founder and CEO

celebrates risk-taking, urban revitalization, and diversity, while delivering a vital call-to-action—with entrepreneurship at a record low, the country’s economic future is at stake. 

This inspiring film, available on Netflix, follows six recent college graduates who became Venture for America Fellows and moved to Detroit to help build startups.

Andrew Yang is the Founder and CEO of Venture for America (VFA). He has been selected by the White House as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship and a Champion of Change for his inspiring, impactful work in our communities. As a serial entrepreneur, Yang has developed amazing workplace cultures through such strategies as continuous improvement, throwing “convocations,” and acting as an “Asian Santa Claus.” As VFA’s CEO, Yang is uber committed to mentoring, developing, and counseling our country’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

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