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“Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” – African Proverb

Trellis board member Renwei Chung shares his truth about the importance of telling your stories to make change.



‘The Snapchat Story’ Has All The Salacious Details Legal and Tech Nerds Will Love

SnapchatIPO-300x200-300x200“81, they’ll bring the crashers to the party / And you know me / Turn the O2 into the O3, dog.” — Drake

Yesterday, Kylie Jenner tweeted that she doesn’t open the Snapchat app anymore. And in one fell swoop, its stock price ended the day down 6%, erasing over $1 billion in market value — giving Evan Spiegel and his company plenty of reasons to drink on National Margarita Day.

As an aging Millennial, I haven’t really used Snapchat [N/K/A Snap Inc.] much. But many of my friends use the app and they insist that “you would love it!” Although I haven’t “Snapped” much, I’ve been quite intrigued by its business model and extraordinary run to an IPO, as well as its ability to maintain a SEAL Team-esque level of operations.

This week, I had the opportunity to review the newly published book titled, How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars: The Snapchat Story, by Billy Gallagher (affiliate link), a former fraternity brother of Spiegel.

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