The Initial CFP Ranking Is Out, Does The Selection Committee Suffer From Confirmation Bias?

“My team didn’t even have to play to win the championship, lean back.” – Fat Joe
Alabama Coach Nick Saban

The first College Football Playoff Ranking was announced this week and of course it’s a little controversial. This is what makes sports so fun, we can talk incessantly about it and there is no bulletproof logic or absolute truth.

The college football ranking is just as much an art as a science. It was ultimately compiled by the Selection Committee using statistics, polls, and like anything else, some bias. The committee has stated that it doesn’t look at what might happen, rather, it analyzes what has happened. In other words, the initial college football ranking is meant to measure a team’s performance over its potential.

But has the Committee let confirmation bias cloud their judgment? In other words, did the Committee’s choice of Alabama in the initial ranking because it presumptively believed it would be in the final ranking ultimately create an unfair playing field?

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