“Turn your face towards the sun / Let the shadows fall behind you / Don’t look back, just carry on / And the shadows will never find you.”Rihanna

Earlier this month, Natasha Bowman delivered a presentation, at the Employment Law and Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., titled Equal Opportunity Bullying: How Even Lawful Behavior Can Put Your Organization at Legal Risk.

Bowman founded Performance ReNEW last year with the mission of developing the next generation of organizational leaders. Here is a (lightly edited and condensed) write-up of my conversation with Natasha Bowman:

Renwei Chung (RC): What motivated you to attend law school, and how did you choose University of Arkansas School of Law?

Natasha Brown (NB): When presented with my options for enrollment and scholarship opportunities, I chose the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville due to its close proximity to the home office of Walmart Stores Inc. Because I was still determining whether or not I would use my JD to practice labor and employment law or as a tool to continue my career in HR, I thought if I could land an opportunity with Walmart while in law school, I could be exposed to both sides.

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