“Wonder how they would feel if our lives got criss-crossed / What if you lost your homie and you felt like Kriss Kross? / Double cross, I swear that Christians don’t even get this cross.” — Big Seandiversity diverse workforce business law firm minority lawyers

This week, I attended a presentation where the speaker implied Obama was a communist. After he was criticized for some of his remarks, he warned the audience, “political correctness is as pernicious as McCarthyism.”

In Jonathan Chait’s New York Magazine article “Not a Very P.C. Thing To Say – How the Language Police are Perverting Liberalism,” he compares political correctness to Marxism. Chait tells his readers:

I am white and male, a fact that is certainly worth bearing in mind…. If you consider this background and demographic information the very essence of my point of view, then there’s not much point in reading any further…. The internet has shrunk the distance between p.c. culture and mainstream liberal politics, and the two are now hopelessly entangled…. The p.c. style of politics has one serious, possibly fatal drawback: It is exhausting. Claims of victimhood that are useful within the left-wing subculture may alienate much of America….

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