“It’s silly, no? / When a rocket ship explodes / And everybody still wants to fly?  / Some say a man ain’t happy / Unless a man truly dies, oh, why?” Prince

Amal Clooney (Photo credit: J. Merritt)

Last week, the Lebanon-born and U.K.-raised barrister Amal Clooney held her first speaking engagement in the United States. Although it was her first official speaking engagement here, she has spent a significant amount of time in America. She obtained her LLM from NYU School of Law, interned for then-Judge Sonia Sotomayor at the Second Circuit, worked for a couple years at Sullivan & Cromwell (on the infamous Enron case, among other matters), and spent last spring as a visiting professor at Columbia Law School.

After practicing law internationally at the highest levels for the past fifteen years, Clooney made her first-ever visit to Dallas to speak at a sold-out event, which raised more than $1 million to combat international human trafficking. Even though her list of feats is rather impressive, she still feels like she has quite a bit more to accomplish. So what can we learn from the famed human rights lawyer’s most recent speaking engagement?

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