“Who had Eminem on the first album? / Who had Kanye saying, ‘She a problem’? / Who came in the game, made her own column?”Nicki Minaj

Anusia Gillespie, Banava Co. Founder

Anusia Gillespie, founder and principal consultant of Banava Consulting, recently wrote an article for Law360 titled The Horrible Conflict Between Biology And Women Attorneys. In her article, she cites the top two reasons why attorneys leave their law firms: (1) unsustainable billable hours and work/life considerations, and (2) a limiting culture.

Do you agree?

Gillespie was born and raised in Marblehead, a small town in the North Shore region outside Boston. It didn’t take very long for her to know that she wanted to be involved with the legal profession in some way, shape, or form. Continue Reading…

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