“Everything is gold, everything is equal / Posted on the porch just chilling, me and my people.Macklemore

On Saturday, the 2022 A100 List — the annual award honoring the 100 most impactful Asians and Pacific Islanders — manifested into the first-ever Gold Gala hosted by Gold House, the leading AAPI changemaker community of cultural leaders, executives, and creatives.

The night’s theme was “A New Gold Age” to reflect the current era of unparalleled AAPI brilliance, even in the face of continued violence and racism against our community. The gala was hosted in collaboration with Meta as a continuation of their long-standing partnership to grow and celebrate AAPI voices and brands through education, access, and amplification.

The night felt surreal — from talking to others who often felt unseen, to celebrating representation in all its forms. The Asian diaspora was beautiful. The uplifting of Asian excellence and heritage was awe-inspiring. It felt truly special being part of the event, but it’s even better knowing that those who attended were willing to share their time and advice with the Above the Law audience for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2022.

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