Answers from my lil bro Andrew, who is a new father to be.

What’s your favorite thing about Japan? The beaches, snorkeling
How long do you plan on staying there? Year and half
How many credits are you taking? 3 right now
Nicknames? Drewbot, Brick, Radio, Whore, Andy, Cpl, Cpl Horvath
What do you prefer to be called? Drew
Date of birth? Mar 10
Time of birth? N/A
How tall were you at birth? N/A
What did you weigh? 8Lbs
What is your zodiac sign?
What is your birth stone?
Where is your birth place? Royal Oak, MI
What hospitol were you born at? Beaumont
How old are you now? 20
How tall are you now? 5’8
Brave enough to share your weight? 165
What shoe size do you wear? 11
Do you have any tatoos? Yes, Olympic rings, cross flag tags, Scripture
Any piercings? no
What color are your eyes? Blue
Do you wear glasses or contacts? Contacts
Ever wear colored contacts? no
What is your natural hair color? Brown
How long is your hair? Short
Where do you currently reside? Okinawa, Japan Camp Hansen
Is this your hometown? No
How many times have you moved? 6
What is your heritage? Hungarian, Sweetness, Sexyness
Ever visit your native country? Yes all the time
Do you have family who still lives there? Yes Justin Chung
School Stuff

What Preschool did you attend? N/A
What Elementry School did you attend? East Elementry and Cornerstone Christian
What Middle or Jr. High did you attend? Cornerstone Christian Academy
What High School did you attend? Cheboygan Area High
What College did or do you plan to attend? University of Maryland then CMU
What is the highest level of education you’ve completed? High School
What was your favorite subject in school? Biology
Did you have a favorite teacher? Yes Mrs. Forigns
What was your least favorite subject? Math
Ever skip class? yes
If so, who was it with and what would you do? Friends got high
Ever gotten detention or Saturday School? no
Ever been suspended? no
Did you have a steady boyfriend/girlfriend in high school? no
What was your longest high school relationship? 2 months
Were you involved in any sports? If so, what ones? Soccer
What about clubs and organizations? Marine Corps League
What is/was your graduation year? 2007
Were/are you popular in high school? Yes
Friends and Family

Whets your mom’s name? Ellen
What’s your dad’s name? Greg
When did you last see your grandparents? 8 months ago
Do you have a big family? Yes
Do you have any siblings? Yes
If so what are there names and ages? Heather 22 Nick 24 Chris 26 Justin 26 Josh 27
Are you the oldest, youngest or middle? Youngest
Do you have any step or half siblings? Yes
Do you put your family before your friends? Fucking Right
How many best friends have you had in your life? 7
How many best friends do you have right now? My bros
Who is your very best friend in the world? My Girl and sister
How did you meet him/her? Marine Corps
How long have you known them? One 8 months and the other 20 years
Do you feel like you are drifting away from any close friends? Yes
Any pets? Lady Dog
Who all lives in your house? 200 other Marines
Do or did you have to share a room with anyone? Yes
Do you get along with your parents? Yes
Are you closer with your mom or dad? Mom
Do you feel you are your parents favorite child? No
Your Bedroom

How many windows? 2
What kind of flooring? Carpet and tile
What color are the walls? white
What is the theme of your room? Fung shay and Marine
Do you have a stereo? Yes
Do you have a computer? Yes
What size bed do you have? Twin
Do you have pictures of friends in frames? No
Do you have a photo album laying around? On Computer
What is your favorite possession? Snorkeling Gear
Do you have a cell phone in your room? Yes
Any stuffed animals? yes
Do you keep your room clean? yes
Deeper Questions

What’s your political affiliation? 0 Left and 40 Right I am a 21
Do you like politics? Yes
Who would you like to see the president? Yes
Pro Life or Pro Choice? Pro Life
For or against sex before marriage? Your choice
For or against the War in Iraq? For
Are you patriotic? yes
Should marijuana be legalized? yes
Are you open minded about religion? yes
For or Against Gay Marriage? for
Do you really care about the environment? yes
Do you care if the polar bears are becoming extinct? yes
Do you believe in magic? no
Ever done drugs? yes
Ever drink alcohol before the legal age? yes
Ever use a fake ID or one that was not you? no
Ever sneak out of your house? yes
Ever shoplift from a store? no
Ever steal from a friend or family member? no

What color is the comforter on your bed? multi
What type of camera do you have? pentex
When was the last time you hung out with a friend? Last night
What kind of cell phone do you have? Japanies
Have you ever gotten a black eye? yes
Are you using a laptop or desktop computer? Desktop right now
Have you ever been camping? yes
What was the last song you listened to? Resurrection (Paper,Paper) Bone Thugs
What versions of IM do you have? N/A
Do you rent movies at a local store or online? Niether
Where was your default picture taken?
Do you like to sing? yes
Have you ever broken a bone? yes
What are some of your hobbies? Swiming
Ever shop at a thrift store? yes
Are You…

Single or Taken? taken
Truly Happy or Just OK? ok
Book Smart or Street Smart? Lil both
An introvert or extrovert? ext
Leader or Follower? leader
Giver or Taker? giver
Outgoing or Shy? out
Phone Talker or Texter? talker
Tall or Short? short
Blonde or Brunette? brunette
Day or Night Person? night
Responsible or Carefree? Responsible
Loud or Quiet? Loud

TV Sitcom:
Reality TV Show:
TV Station:
Movie: Gladiator
Movie Genre:
Actor: Brad Pit, Johny Depp, John Travolta
CD you own:
Clothing Store:
Grocery Store:
Sport to Watch:
Sport to play: Soccer, Grapling
Olympic event:
Radio Station:
Drink: Gin Tonic