“My hands is questioning if I’m Bach or not / If I’m 2Pac or nonexistent to these juggernauts / But I’m an architect, an astronaut, an Argonaut.”
Chance the Rapper

On Wednesday, National Public Radio’s Terry Gross interviewed Megyn Kelly about her kellycareer, life, and autobiography, Settle for More. They covered several issues she is currently dealing with, including the alt-right’s attack through posting fake one-star reviews of her book on Amazon. As someone who has been trolled, had their identity impersonated, and attacked on various platforms by members who use the alt-right comment boards, I was particularly interested in Kelly’s story and response to them.

This week, I had the opportunity to review her book. It was an illuminating first-person perspective on her career progression from law student to the desk anchor of her own news program, The Kelly File.

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