“You might think you’ve peeped the scene/ You haven’t, the real one’s far too mean/ The watered down one, the one you know/ Was made up centuries ago.”   

– N. Minaj, K. West

In 2009 Bill Simmons, ESPN columnist and Grantland.com founder, began the popular “30 for 30” documentary series. Simmons wanted feature-filmmakers to recount intimate sports stories, people, and events that were compelling to them, but had not been fully explored by society. Each 30 for 30 show is promoted by asking the question, “What if I told you…” Consider this my “30 for 30″ literary column. [Dramatic pause] “What if I told you 92% of all Biglaw partners are white?” [Intro music, “All of the Lights” by Kanye West]

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