50 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy To Be Alive

Life is your gift, open it.

Life is your gift, open it.

Life can be tricky.
Life can be sticky.
Life can be fun. Life can be sad. But one thing is for sure, life changes like the weather, and we can either “go with the flow” or fight it.
In today’s society, with a plethora of stimulation from the fast-paced life that surrounds us, chock full of stress and demands, I think many of us simply question…how can I even be happy to be alive? We may say to ourselves that life seems more about simple survival than it is about truly living and being happy.
So I started to think about reasons why all of us should be happy to be alive. Maybe I needed a reminder to myself even. Who knows? In any case, I hope you enjoy the list I have created below. I feel that somewhere in my list of 50 reasons you should be happy to be alive you may see…yourself.  Or, see something or feel something you may have not felt before or clearly seen. Maybe it is a wake-up call to your soul. Whatever it is, I hope something in the list sparks your inner happiness and makes you realize it is good to be a red-blooded human being…and to not take for granted this one thing we all currently have…being alive.

50 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy To Be Alive

1. You are unique, and no one else in the entire universe is just like you are.
2. Someone deeply loves you, more than you know.
3. You can change your life, it is never too late.
4. Without life, you can not feel love or give love. It is one of the greatest gifts of living.
5. You have the chance to be creative.
6. You can experience being a father or mother.
7. You can learn a new hobby.
8. You can feel how good it feels to simply laugh.
9. You can discover new friends and new people, and learn from them.
10. You can experience and enjoy eating, sleeping…and sex.
11. You can try something new, anytime you want.
12. Someone you love depends on you.
13. Even when you have a bad day, you never know what can happen the next day…or in the next moment. Life can turn on a dime.
14. You can sit and play in the rain, like you did as a child. If you didn’t, you need to try it.
15. You can turn your passion into your work.
16. You can enjoy and love having a new dog, cat, or any animal you may take interest in.
17. You can experience twilight on a summer evening…and do nothing more.
18. You can create something that can impact others.
19. You can find something you love so much, that when you do it, you lose all track of time.
20. You can dance, sing, or …run a marathon.
21. You can finally overcome that one big fear of yours and really feel free.
22. You can travel to other far places to give you a greater perspective on life outside your own world.
23. You can be happy, because you were made and created just the way you are…for a reason. You don’t need to be anyone else. And put simply, you can’t be anyone else but you. Why resist that?
24. Learn to stretch daily and see how it will make you feel happy. Or try yoga.
25. You have a chance of living to be 100. Imagine how you would feel on THAT birthday!
26. You never know, this life may be it. Enjoy it fully.
27. You might discover that the biggest fear you have, may actually be a gift to make life more colorful for you.
28. You can enjoy pizza. Or a good beer.
29. You can lose yourself in things of beauty such as a musical masterpiece or a great novel.
30. You can enjoy a nap…with your favorite dog or cat.
31. You can go a beach or local swim hole and feel like a kid again.
32. You can master a hobby such as magic tricks or playing an instrument.
33. You can experience the feeling of a crush.
34. You can build something that can last longer than you will.
35. You can be or do anything you want. There are no rules.
36. You can learn the simple power of how meditation can make you feel happy and content.
37. You can play in the snow.
38. Everyday you are one day closer to your death, once you don’t fear dying, you begin living.
39. You can enjoy your favorite food, or try new ones.
40. You may witness or experience a miracle.
41. You may create a miracle for someone.
42. It’s never too late to go back to school and learn something you have had passion about.
43. You can teach a person or a child something you are good at. It could change their life.
44. Something you do in 1, 2 or 10 years from now may make another person’s life much better.
45. If you are not in love, just know that person for you is out there…right now, alive in this world.  You may meet them tomorrow, or in 5 years…but eventually your worlds are likely to collide.
46. You can discover how true, sustained silence is the greatest sound in the world.
47. You can stand on your head and ignite your inner child.
48. You can start a chain of reactions that will cause happiness in thousands of other people (or millions) by doing one simple action.
49. You can eliminate cell phones, computers, and other things that detach you from truly feeling yourself.
50. You can enjoy how good it feels to simply…breathe. It is your natural life force.

Let me ask you…
What makes YOU happy to be alive?

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