Against The Grain

Too many people to me have implored
Not to travel down the lonely road
They have said their advice I should heed
For I am not likely to succeed
The risks are too difficult to manage
The damage too hard to salvage

My aspirations to them are not wise
For I will fall and never rise
My actions will lead to eternal doom
My tender life never to bloom
But do they consider what I feel
That the calling is living and real

Do I have to travel the path wide
So that we are all on the same side
Does it mean on my own I cannot stand
If I don’t yield to their numerous demands

So I choose to ignore what they say
I shall travel through the narrow way
Hoping for the best and armed for the worst
I shall fight any challenging task
With faith, courage and confidence
I aim for nothing less than excellence

I want to prove that it is you yearn
If you believe you can it will be done
And it wont be a bad idea after all
To do that which truly makes you feel whole

Copyright © 2011 Sofina M.Nelsoni

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