I attended the getmotivated seminar in grand rapids the past week, and here is some tidbits I took away from the program

Speaker: Lou Holtz
“you’re either growing or you’re not”

3 rules to live by
1) do the right thing
2) do everything to the very best of your ability
3) the golden rule- treat others how you want to be treated.

3 questions people care about
Can I trust you?
Are you committed to excellence?
Do you care about me?

3 rules to guarantee happiness:
Something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to.

“I was always worried about building a great “team”, not a team of greats”

Speaker: Howard Putnam

3 things to have for success:
1) Mentors
2) Role models
3) people w/ like minds

Speaker: Krish Dhanam

Zig Ziglar, put one foot in hot boiling water, one foot in cold freezing water, on average you’re miserable.

2 statements to think about at the end… I wish I had OR I’m glad I did.


Stake your claim, fulfill your promise.

-Restore Relationships-

Agape-unconditional love.

Jesus ruthlessly perfects to royall elect

Rights vs Responsibilites, revival

All men dream, but not equally

97% comfortable, 3% effetive, you only grow when you are uncomfortable on “the edge”

Desire to be a game changer

as with all things date before you marry.

good company vs good company right now

disposition, margin of safety

The ancient greeks asked one question when you dided.  Did he have passion?

Speaker: Allen Andrews
Allen Andrews promoted day trading. They were obviously the sponsors.

Speaker: John Walsh (america’s most wanted)

His 6 year old son Adam was abducted and decapitated.

he believes in
Free will/Higher power

doing the right thing.

heartbreaking story, was able to do a lot of good for the world, and make the world a safer place.

Speaker: Krish Dunham q&a session

“Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

– Zig Ziglar


Failure is just succeeding at the wrong things.


intellectual, emotional, spritual

origin, morality, purpose, destiny.

transform -> destiny

top authors
john maxwell
stephen covey
billy graham

Speaker: Rudy Giuliani

Made to succeed: read, listen, write, stop & think, be good to other people.

3% vs the other 97%

Exponential power within you.

be extraordinary, be abnormal

3% make it.

Best time to get ahead is during a train wreck.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Nobody’s better than you.

When you give yourself away, thats when success finds you.

americans consume too much coffee and soft drinks and 23 hours a week to tv.

Be the movie you wanna go watch.  Become the movie.

Life is just a game & you need to be in it.

Speaker: Kevin Reynolds

Your past is not your future.

Your today is not your tomorrow

What is your purpose?

Committment to yourself.

Speaker: Colin Powell

its not where you start in life, its where you end up & what you do along the way.

Basica principles

Have goals, a purpose, and a mission

have a sense of your missions & goals

Whats your mission?

How to get there?

Set goals.

Sense of purpose, believe

be passionate

Recognize the value of each person, employee. write letters.

keys to success: integrity, ethical, selfless, & an environment of trust.

has worked through afghanistan, iraq, 9/11, middle east

Reagan has supreme self-confidence; not egotistical, not arrogant.
and a confidence in America.

Speaker: Terry Bradshaw

Realizing a dream there isn’t always a clean path.

Realize your self-wroth, be happy.

We find out where we are, who we are whe we struggle, when we fail.

its the simple things.

1) The biggest threat to your future is the past you won’t let go.

2) you can’t make $ and excuses at the same time

3) Its not about THINGS getting better, its about YOU getting better, & getting out of your own way.

4) What you see depends on where you sit.


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