How To Be Really Alive!!!!!! By Sark

Live juicy.
Stamp out conformity.
Stay in bed all day.
Dream of gypsy wagons.
Find snails making love.
Develop an astounding appetite for books.
Drink Sunsets.
Draw out your feelings.
Amaze yourself.
Be ridiculous.
Stop worrying now. If not now, then when?
Make yes your favorite word.
Marry yourself.
Dry your clothes in the sun.
Eat Mangos Naked!
Keep toys in the bathtub.
Spin yourself dizzy.
Hang upside down.
Follow a child.
Celebrate an old person.
Send a love letter to your self.
Be advanced.
Try endearing.
Invent new ways to love.
Transform negatives.
Delight someone.
Wear pajamas to a drive in movie.
Allow yourself to feel rich without money.
Be who you truly are.
Believe in everything.
You are always on your way to a miracle.
The miracle is you!

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