Dear Readers,

When we understand how our minds work, we can then begin to apply this understanding to improving our life’s circumstances. By knowing that simultaneously faith and fear cannot co-exist in our thoughts, we then realize that we can decide to be either fearful or faithful. The choice is ours. Also, when we begin to recall occurrences in our personal history wherein we either succeeded or failed, we drag along all the corresponding memories deposited in our sub-conscious mind that trail these memories like a pack of starving wolves. And, as the story goes, we decide which memory predisposes us to our future rewards or penalties by deciding which wolf to feed.

In simple terms, we create our outcomes by the thoughts that we choose to focus on with regularity. When we notice ourselves in a downward spiral due to the negative preponderance of thoughts, we can reverse our decline by deciding to focus instead on things positive. This may sound overly optimistic, but if we make a firm decision to do it with regularity, we will notice that we have turned the tide by turning our thoughts around. Fears that are focused on become more than nightmares because they also control our waking hours and even seep into our daydreams. Fear can stop us in our tracks, but faith can open wide the path that needs to be traveled. By being faithful, we cannot be fearful.

I remember a story from the parenting course that I used to teach. It went something like this:

A mother was encouraging her little boy to step outside the front door and bring in the milk that was delivered earlier by the milkman. But, it was dark outside, and the little boy was frightened by the lack of daylight. His mother, trying to reason with him, said: “Tim, don’t be afraid, God is out there watching and you will be safe.” Not convinced, Tim responds, “Well, if God is out there, have him bring in the milk!”
We chuckle at the story, but yet we are often guilty of the same response. Instead of boldly stepping across the threshold to get the milk, we wait and see what will happen if we don’t. Soon we learn that fears can only be conquered by doing the thing we fear the most. There is no substitute for our own action. Success is not experienced vicariously, but in real time – our real time. So, step on board the success train, and face the fear that holds you back. You can only be your very best if you refuse to accept whatever is metaphorically holding you back. Don’t ask someone to do what you are not capable of doing yourself. Rather, step outside the door and bring home the milk!

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson

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