How large a part does intuition play in your life? When you have a feeling that something is brewing in relationship to your life, do you heed or reject the insight? Oftentimes, signs precede events in our lives and if we document these signs we won’t be astonished when the event shows up. For example, you might experience a feeling of anticipation, a sense of foreboding, or just an edgy sensation that implies something is about to happen. Either you can acknowledge the feeling and wait for the outcome, or you can shake it off and say you were just being superstitious that the Universe does not communicate with you in advance in this fashion. But, in the back of your mind there is that still small voice that is nudging you to listen and take note. How can a person be certain if the message is real?

A technique that I use to document this flash of advance awareness is journaling. When I feel something is tapping me on the shoulder, speaking to me in my dreams, or sending me physical signs that are meaningful to me, I jot down the date and the occurrence. I may even add a sentence or a phrase as to what this potentially could mean to me in the here and now. After a few weeks pass or maybe a month, I go back and review my entries. By then, it is easy to see if a pattern develops or if my imagination was simply running away with me. Both things can occur. In order to discern the difference, putting down what is occurring in writing establishes a pattern, a record, that it is credible and proves or disproves a person’s extra sensory perception in real time.

Why not begin today and keep a log that documents when the Universe tickles you or even offers you a soft kiss on the cheek? These little intrusions in your daily routine could be the presence of your Unseen Guides directing you to consider one path over another. Their whispers could impact your life if only you pause long enough to consider what message might be being broadcast to you. When you tune in and really adjust your dial labeled insight, you may just find that you and the Universe are in perfect alignment.

What does all this mean? It means that you need to step up and listen to the messages that can impact your life. Napoleon Hill states that when an idea comes through to you from the Universe, don’t argue, don’t hesitate, don’t complain, but act immediately to receive the gift that has been placed in your awareness. Not tomorrow, not later, but now. This idea could just be your ultimate Key to Success.

Be Your Very Best Always,
Judy Williamson

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