Always successful
In each and every moment, you are successful at doing something. You take action, and that action successfully brings a result.
Success is not really something you must strive to create, for you are always making it happen. What’s important is defining and intending the success you do create so that it is a positive force in your world.
Many people are successful at just barely getting by. Others are successful at bringing pain and dismay into their lives.
Yet the very same skills that succeed at creating mediocrity and despair, can also be used to create rich fulfillment. What’s needed is not so much a change in effort as a change in focus.
You truly deserve a great and wonderful life, and you have everything necessary to experience that life. Keep your thoughts focused on your most meaningful desires, and your actions will align with those thoughts.
You’re always succeeding at something. Choose now to make it something great.

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