By its very nature, life is dynamic. That makes it impossible to truly stand still.
If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. So every day, in some way or another, take action to move your life forward.
Just a small improvement, just a subtle positive step, is infinitely preferable to doing nothing. Always, there is some little something you can do to better your life and your world.
What can you do right now to solve a problem that’s been frustrating you? What step can you take in the next few minutes that will bring you closer to the accomplishment of an important goal?
There is something you can do, and those small efforts quickly add up as time goes on. So instead of complaining that you can’t get it all accomplished at once, do a little bit, and then do it again.
Always, your life is filled with energy, and is moving in one direction or another. Harness that energy, align it with your highest purpose, and proceed constantly in the direction of your dreams.

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