Give more than is expected of you, and you’ll get much more than you expect. Rather than obsessing over how little you can get by with doing, focus on how very much you can get done.
If you set out to cheat life, it is you who will be cheated. When you set about to get something for nothing, what you end up with is nothing worth having.
Instead, go ahead and give all you can to the effort. Then find ways to give more.
Fulfillment is not in the getting. Fulfillment is in the creating, and doing, and giving.
Fulfillment in life comes from making a difference. When you have an opportunity to make a difference, do so generously and with abandon.
Within every highly successful person is an unquenchable thirst for adding value to the lives of others. Keep finding new ways to give more than you can imagine, and know the joy of true and lasting success.

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