Don’t believe those who tell you that it can’t be done. Refuse to be stopped by those who say it’s too late, or not practical, or too early, or not workable.
Listen carefully and thoughtfully to their advice, and then find a way. Look realistically at the challenges, and then begin working through them.
What may appear to be an unyielding obstacle when you’re standing still, will begin to give way when you start moving forward. Focus not on what is pushing against you, but focus instead on the purpose that is pushing you to get it done.
Remind yourself again and again of why you must. Hold your head high and keep your eyes on the goal.
Conditions will change, and so can you. Some routes will be blocked, and you have the flexibility to discover alternate ways to get it done.
Decide that you will accomplish what you have chosen to accomplish. Know that there is a way, and step by step, you will find it.
— Ralph Marston

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