Those who keep talking about how much they’ve accomplished, haven’t accomplished much at all. Those who blame others for their lack of progress, won’t ever get very much done.
Those who spend all their time making promises, never get around to following through on those promises. Those who are skilled at finding fault won’t ever find a way to create value.
Success happens when you stop talking and start doing. Achievement happens when you stop dealing in promises and start taking action.
Instead of making elaborate, impressive plans, get busy taking small, effective steps. Instead of striving to convince others of what you’re going to do, attract their attention and support by virtue of what you’ve already done.
Make substance your stock in trade. Make real, meaningful value the standard by which you work and live and evaluate your progress.
Put your energy not into appearing impressive, but into getting good, solid, valuable results. For they are what will make an unforgettable, undeniable, positive impression.

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