People blame Sara Palin for Mccain losing. I’m flabbergasted by this. Although she may have been a drop in the bucket. Have you ever thought about blaming the incumbent, you know the current cabinet being Republican and all the things that have gone wrong during Bush’s two terms as president. Have you thought about the presidential nominee? What is he 71? How likeable is he? How good of a debater was he? Was he a good public speaker, or did he remind you of Bush. On top of that, during the last year, oil prices absolutely killed us. It was until our economy collapsed that we know longer worried about oil, and we worried about the biggest financial companies in the world, and our real estate, and our very own pockets. From the time Sarah Palin was nominated to the Lehman went under, Mccain surged ahead and took the lead in the straw polls. You really think Sarah Palin was the reason Mccain lost? She was indeed a hail mary, but rarely does the most qualified get chosen, rather the most appealing to the general public, than and only then can you get someone in office, and then do your bidding.

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