I was really impressed with the debate. Again, you gotta hate when they don’t answer the questions, when they deny their own track record, and when they don’t actually “talk” to each other, when they don’t actually “argue”, and all the use are talking points. Palin’s experience credentials were very impressive to me as a business owner and her other professional history. The fact that Palin held her own many would give her a win. Joe Biden has been my favorite democratic since John Edwards (old johnny boy had the clinton syndrome, damn morals! now i’m just disgusted with that guy). Joe Biden had to work very hard as a senator to not be condescending to his opponent. It is very hard debating against a women and he had to smile extra, soften his tone, and not speak above her, rather to her. He needed to show forebearance and patience. His demeanor and body language were very impressive. His strategy had to be not to offend women in general based entirely how he treated Palin. He also used “George Bush” many many times, 9 times in 9 sentences at one point. His name has a negative connation, and he wanted to directly link her ticket to the past cabinet. He needed to pin John Mccain’s actions and strategy to those of Bush. Palin did a great job from the opening dialogue, used his name Joe. Made it folksy. She delivered a good homespun strategy. The fact that she didn’t embarrass the Republicans was a plus, but she did more than not embarrass them, she did very good. She spoke to the American public instead of the media or the mediator. NBC coverage has stated Palin absolutely knocked it out of the park, ABC says Biden easily won and is talking about how Palin could’ve done better. CBS, seemed to be by far the most partial, having analysts choose each side, even more they had analysts who were split. I think I will start watching Katie Couric now. As far as who I would vote for the last couple elections I liked the Democrats more. I am a huge fan of Bill Clinton. At heart I’m a republican, I’ve come to realize that the last couple weeks. I’m for less socialist reform, I’m for less government, less taxes, and I’m for a more capitalistic society. But this current cabinet is ridiculously corrupt. I hate all the rules the Bush cabinet have broken, bending the very constitution itself, I’m for less regulation, but this current cabinet has shown no regulation in manny matters. Last but not least the PATIOT ACT! I feel like I’m the only one who cares that this thing passed. That the GOVERNMENT CAN TAP ANY PHONE, SPY ON ANY E-MAIL, OR INTERCEDE ON ANY COMMUNICATION YOU HAVE, for basically any reason they want. Or as they put it “if they suspect you of terrorist activities.” that is so 1984. They have gotten so many bills passed on fear and fear itself. My feelings on the war is we have to get out, we can’t say that if we retreat they won, their way will spread all over the world, this is just like the vietnam or north korea, we feared if we were to withdraw our troops communism or the evil axis of power would spread over the world and defeat democracy, and that just wasn’t the case. Do I feel like we should withdraw right away? No, too many people would be slaughtered in our wake, but we do need to develop a plan, not just say, “as long as it takes we will be there.” That doesn’t solve anything, that just drives our deficit higher and higher. War is good for the economy I get it, fight elsewhere, move it to afganistan, darfur (burma), or sourthern africa. Don’t tell me we’re there because their society is inhumane, there’s much worse going on throughout the world. More deaths do to fighting, insurgency, hiv, lack of hygience, government oppression. Iraq is bad, but don’t act like we dont’ have a huge vested interested in that oil bearing region. I don’t like Mccain’s foreign policy, I absolutely hate Bush’s, it’s so assinine it’s ridiculous. I don’t know which is worse the BUSH DOCTRINE or THE PATRIOT ACT, actually it’s like getting killed from 99 shots of an uzzi or just blown up by a stick of dynamite, you’re f’d either way. I’m a republican at heart but the last 8 years of Bush have been terrible, and i’m not talking about our economy a lot of it was handed down to them from the prior administration. I’m talking about KNOWINGLY BREAKING RULES AND BEING CORRUPT LIKE THE NIXON ADMINISTRATION. Everyone is talking about the lack of experience of Palin, that’s the hot topic, show me that Obama has more experience. He’s a lawyer so is Biden their great debaters, arguers, public speakers, but that doesn’t translate to experience. I might as well be from Missouri, SHOW ME. Obama doesn’t have the experience, and Mccain’s isn’t necessarily good. I’m still on the fence. Taxes and war are really the two fundamental issues that are so inherently different. on the fence for now…

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