My friend Mario went to Europe for three weeks and just got back about a week ago. He went to a couple weddings and spent a lot of the time doing family things. He was originally born in Poland and then his family moved here. Seeing pictures of his trip and hearing stories made me realize how different not only Europe was, but the rest of the world, even our very own families. Finding out where we came from really intrigues me. I know my mom’s side pretty well, but I really know nothing about dad’s side. I know my fathers dad owned a farm, he was a rice farmer. He might’ve never actually been to the city either. Could you imagine a life where you got married in your teens, 14 or 15, took over the farm raised your family and that was your legacy. I could never imagine a life that simple. Yet, I’m sure those were some of the happiest people on earth. I bet they could never imagine the life we live, a lot of the times I just think our socio-economic culture is so shallow, materialistic. Most of my friends are into designer names, brand names, entertainment magazines, really nothing relevant to our own life, or at least to trying to make the world a better place. And I’m really no different, just trying to keep up with the Jones’s. But sometimes when you wonder about life, you wonder is there more out there. Is there something I know nothing about. I’m sure there is. It intrigues me to think how a life can be so different than mine. Whether growing up in the hood and having to sell drugs as the only means of making it, or just living your entire life on the farm. Or maybe finally becoming famous and realizing it never made you happy, and you turn to drugs and alcohol as your crutch to through life. One life to live, that’s all we have.

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